Wednesday, September 15, 2010

(No so) Wordless Wednesday...First Ride of the Year

My dad is a farmer. His father was a farmer. His father's father was a farmer. You see where I'm going with this, don't you? 

I grew up on a farm. I grew up knowing that each spring and each fall, we wouldn't see much of my dad for several weeks running. And if we did see him during this time, it was usually inside the cab of a tractor or combine.

Now, I NEVER remember combines (those big machines that harvest the grain) out in the fields so early in September - at least in our neck of the woods. Dad started picking corn last Tuesday. I jumped in the cab for my first (and hopefully not last) ride of the year last Friday. He said that he'd harvested soybeans as early as September 1 before but NEVER corn (field corn, not sweet corn).

Why so early? We haven't had a significant rain since late July. This caused the corn to mature and dry down in the field much faster than normal. Farmers don't want the corn to get too dry in the fields so when it's ready, it's ready - no matter what the date!

Here are some more shots I got during my ride. Enjoy.

My dad...

Views from the cab...

Unloading...notice that dad unloads into grain wagons which will then be pulled out of the field and dumped into grain bins. You may also see combines unloading directly into semi trucks with grain hoppers (trailers) or even unloading while continuing to harvest.

Dad doesn't do that. It's a two-man team on our farm - my dad and my Uncle Sam (though Mom has driven the tractor this year too) and they don't own a semi so this system works best for their limited manpower.



  1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment...Now following you...Can so relate to your post. My grandpa was a farmer and I spent my summer holidays at the farm...the most memorable days they were...

  2. Love the pics but the tractor is the wrong color! haha! I haven't gotten a ride yet :( only good side to that is that I haven't had to bring dinner to the field!

  3. This post made me SMILE. I grew up on a farm, too- my daddy, his daddy, his daddy's daddy all were farmers, too. I still have a soft spot for guys with tractors, haha!

  4. following you from welcome wednesday blog hop. Cute blog:) you can find me at

  5. Always neat to seat in the combine and watch the corn go in the head.

  6. Wow, that looks so gorgeous. It's funny, I've read so little about harvesting and then today I've read, like, four blogs about it! I went on road trips with my husband this summer that took us through a lot of farmland (mostly in the San Joaquin Valley in California) and it's so intriguing to me what life on a farm must be like. This looks so gorgeous.

    Following your blog now! :)

  7. Well I've waited on all of the kids to have their combine rides, but I have yet to get one this year. I'm kind of sad, but will get one soon.

  8. Love the pics too, but I disagree with is the perfect color ;)

  9. I'm so glad you got to enjoy this time with your dad. :)



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