Sunday, September 12, 2010

Random Shots from My Phone...TOTALLY Random

I have so much to blog about that I really don't know where to start.

I really want to finish up my "Random Shots from my Phone" series but I also just co-hosted a baby shower for Brat, my Baby Sis, and have been prepping for my Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3 (starts September 17) premiere party (see my prep post). Add to those some interesting travels last week and the start of corn harvest, and I have all kinds of stuff to talk type about.

So, I think I'll go ahead and finish the Random Photos series with a collection of truly random shots I found on my phone recently. Here we go...

First, I'm all about good fashion repeating itself. I also really like the leggings look (on folks who can pull it off, not me) that is out there right now. However, I cannot believe that stirrup pants are back in.

Yes, you read right - STIRRUP PANTS. I stopped in Gap the other day and was busy digging through their jeans selection (all were $35) when I spied these...

I admit that I was a stirrup pants wearer back in the day, but if they aren't bringing back the slouchy socks to go with them...I just don't see the appeal. Maybe I should ask Leslie over at Blonde Ambition or Little Miss Can't Be Wrong over at how i met your father because they are much more fashion aware than I am!

Moving on...

The next two photos are of some paintings I fell in love with during a visit to Gwen Gutwein's studio in Fort Wayne, Ind. I bought the painting in the middle of the first photo - my first real piece of art!

It's of soybean plants awaiting harvest. I am not sure what it is about the painting that speaks to me so loudly, but I'm in love with it still, always.

This painting is one that I thought my mom would really like. She loves birds and while this one is very simple, it's least to me.

The organizations I work for have a program with the Indianapolis Colts and Tight End Dallas Clark is the spokesperson. We spent a day last spring filming some television and radio spots with Clark. In this photo, he's doing a shoot with the Indiana FFA State Officer Team (last year's). He stopped filming when he realized the FFAers had memorized their lines while he was reading off cue cards. I was impressed by both Clark AND the FFA officers. Both were approachable, professional and lots of fun.

Can anyone tell me who this is? Some of my co-workers and I were eating lunch at our hotel in California last March and this former contestant on the Bachelor was our server! Now, I don't watch the show but a couple of my co-workers do and they begged me to get a shot of her.

This one was taken very casually as I "checked my e-mail" while she was taking our order.

For the life of me, I can't remember what her name is and what season she was on. I guess I could zoom in on her nametag and Google the show, but I really don't care that much!

Isn't this a cool shoe? I snapped this shot while eating in a great outdoor courtyard this summer. If you don't know what the "P" stands for...shame on you. Just kidding, it's for Purdue - the Boilermakers - THE best university in the world. Boiler Up!!!

Every post needs a monkey, right? Haven't you always wanted a Monkey? Sorry, I always think of that Barenaked Ladies song when I see a photo of a monkey...I know, I'm weird.

This very well-dressed monkey (maybe she needs some stirrup pants...) was at a small town homecoming that I attended for work earlier this summer. This was the same place that had the frog jumping contest. It was just excitement everywhere!

While I'm on the subject of animals, here's a shot at the pool in my neighborhood. My sister, nephews and I had just gotten out of the pool when these guys decided to take a dip.

We haven't been back since...

And last, but not least. Did you have a Monchhichi growing up?

We had one in the house but I can't remember if it was mine or one of my sisters. I saw these in Target the other day and just had to get a shot of them. Again, like fashion, I'm somewhat amazed what toys cycle back into circulation every few years!

That wraps up my "Random Shots from My Phone" series. Now that I've cleared off some shots from my phone, I have room for even more so stay tuned for more in the future!

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  1. You, my dear, have a very eclectic taste in subjects for your pictures! If we treat them as ink blots, my what stories they would tell ;-) Just kidding! Loved stirrup pants and the painting you picked for your mother. My mom would love that one too! Can't wait for the rest of your blogs! Have a great week!

  2. Love this post! I do think I had a Monchhichi...

    Oh and the stirrup pants crack me up. I see "no stirrup pants" in dress codes all the time and wondered why they still say that... guess they are prepared for the next fashion wave. Lol!

  3. You always crack me up. I expect to see you sportin' stirrup pants @ nxt girls' weekend! And I've never even HEARD of a Monchhichi??? I'm obviously out of the loop. :)

  4. I am pretty sure I begged for a Monchichi and am positive I never got one - maybe I will run to Target to day and get one - probably not - but at least I know now if I still want one I can get one!

  5. Stirrup pants? For real? Wow. I just really hope the hair and makeup styles of the 80s don't make a comeback! I will NOT go back to the big-80s-hair! I love this post. And I needed that chuckle.

  6. I will not be wearing stirrup pants ever again. NEVER! They were ugly the first time they were popular.

    I looove that bird print. Gorgeous!

    Stopping by and following from M&GM. Feel free to stop by and see me too if you are so inclined.



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