Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Random Travel Photos from My Phone

To continue my theme from Monday and to go along with Wordless Wednesday, here are a few random shots from my phone of some of the places I've traveled to over the last three years and some of the sites (and people) I've seen. Enjoy...

Street performer in Chicago a couple of weeks ago...

Another Chicago shot...this one is of the Chinese circus I saw about a year ago.

View from my balcony in Kauai...oh I still miss it so.

From a walking tour of Savannah (anyone else fall in love with that city when they visited?), a shot of Clary's Cafe made famous by a certain book/movie based in the city.

Me during a haunted pub crawl in Savannah...gotta love their open container policy AND that they use 100% biodegradable cups made of corn!

Carrying on the corn theme...I had a little too much time on my hands before a recent flight out of Des Moines, Iowa. Here are some shots of what I found in their gift shop. A bit corny, I admit...

And to finish it up, a shot from our recent Disney vacation...not sure why I had to capture this moment on my phone...


  1. Tristan loves the Chewie pic. :) I wanna hide in your suitcase next time you go to Hawaii. So that means you need to go buy a REALLY BIG LUXURIOUSLY INTERIOR-ED suitcase, ok? <3 ya! :)

  2. What a traveler you are! Looks like you are walking down an "off-beaten path" yourself ;-)

  3. these photos are making me crack up laughing!! love them.
    also, i've tagged you:

  4. Megan you are great at taking pics when you travel! I rarely do. Love the shots.

  5. Love seeing your travel pics! I've never been on a haunted pub crawl, but now I'm convinced this is something I must do! Haha : )



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