Monday, September 6, 2010

Random Shots from My Commute...

I was clearing off some photos from my phone this weekend when I realized how random (and old) most of them are. I usually use the camera on my phone when I want to capture a funny or sweet or incredible moment and send it immediately to someone who would appreciate it.

Sometimes I don't have my other camera with me and I have to make do with my phone camera to get a shot that I'll use on here. It's not ideal, but it gets the job done. Remember the dog with sunglasses? What about the handcuffs?

I digress...over the next several days, I'll be sharing some of those random shots and random thoughts with you! Here we go.

These first photos were all captured on my commute to or from work.

NOTE: All photos were taken while I was stopped at a stoplight or stop sign.

First up, do you see the back window of this car?
Someone had fun with stickers! Will that affect the re-sale value?

Not sure you will get the full effect with this next photo. The truck in my rearview mirror is covered in carpet.
I've seen a van covered in outdoor green carpet, but never a truck covered in black carpet!

 Not sure why I took this last photo...I'm thinking it's because the bikers in front of me were all women. Or maybe I was thinking I needed one of those hogs. Or maybe I was trying to check my e-mail and hit the wrong button. Who knows? I just wanted to share!

Coming soon...
Random Shots from My Travels
Random Shots of My Nephews
Random Shots from My Phone


  1. lol. You shouldn't be taking pictures and driving!!!

    Tell me again how much time you spend commuting?

  2. lol. These were great. Love the carpet on the truck.
    Safe driving to you!!!!!

  3. Our family sends each other photos of "super cool cars" they see while driving. I can't speak for the rest of them, but in our car, hubby speeds up or slows down to get a good photo angle, and I do the photography. It's best done with a phone so the photo can easily be forwarded as email. Judging by your post, this must be a widespread activity, enjoyed by many. Fun entertainment while stuck in traffic.

  4. Katie - I pointed out that I was stopped at stoplights when all of these were taken! But I do know that I should be playing with my phone at all while driving. I'll work on that...I drive 50 miles to work one way 5 days a week. 100 miles daily roundtrip!

  5. Now why would anyone (read MAN!) want to put carpet on the hood of his truck?????? Too many brewskies one night after watching Home Improvement????

  6. Wow Megan! This is a good idea for a post :) I'd be afraid of what I might find buried in the deep-dark depths of my phone's memory card!

  7. lol! You always crack me up, girl! Guess that's why I was needing a 2 am fix of Megan-ness? :)



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