Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blurry Photos...What the Heck?

Technology baffles me at times...How could my brand-new Blackberry Bold take such bad photos in low light? It has a flash and everything. I just want a shot of my gal pal, Leah, and her award (she's a talker and it paid off).

And a photo of gal pal, Hannah, doing her Fonzie impression...

and her "mean face."

Wait a minute...what's this? Ohhh, guess I was supposed to REMOVE the plastic over the camera lens and flash BEFORE taking photos.

Much better!

So glad that I figured that out in a bar surrounded by people I don't know very well. Makes me look SOOOO smart! Not.


  1. LOL! Great story. If it makes you feel any better, I tend to occasionally sit there in panic thinking something is wrong with my camera lens when, in actuality, I just haven't taken off the lens cap... Whoops.

  2. hahaha.. maybe I should take another look at my camera!!!

  3. Lol! Cracks me up--totally something I would do!

  4. I had the EXACT SAME ISSUE with my new Bold!!!
    You are not alone--I'm taking comfort in knowing I'm not the only techn dufus out there.
    (High-Five me, sister!)

    BTW: Did you abandon your Palm?
    (If you still have it and the "A" key works, I might make you an offer, since my personal phone is having issues and I'm not willing to let it go...)

  5. Totally laughed out loud as I read this one! Your secret is safe with all of us!

  6. That's why I love you so much! :)



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