Thursday, December 2, 2010

Indiana Tree Farmers + Holidays = Free Wreath

OK, this blog post probably is only of interest to those living in Indiana, but it's still a cool giveaway that I wanted to share with all of you!

Indiana Christmas Tree Growers are once again participating in the Trees for Troops program which is a great organization that sends trees to military bases all over the world. Read more at Indiana's Family of Farmers blog. I always love reading about this program. It's a way folks can donate in their own way. They might not have a lot of extra money to give, but they do have trees. Even though they grow the trees to sell (that's their livelihood), they give back to their community by donating something they've spent YEARS growing. Pretty cool.

To celebrate the season, Hoosier tree farmers (they are farmers, you know) are also giving away $40 that can be used towards the purchase of a holiday wreath at participating tree farms!

BUT the giveaway ends tonight so you must head over right now and enter! Go here...what are you waiting for?

Good luck. I usually have at least one fresh Indiana-grown Christmas wreath hanging at my house over the holidays. They smell and look lovely.


  1. trees for troops, what an awesome thing to do.
    thanks for the link .. i will go check it out now.



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