Monday, January 24, 2011

An Aunt's Obsession...Matching Outfits

I've been an aunt for just over nine years. It's probably my FAVORITE role EVER!

For the first nine years of aunthood (If there can be motherhood and fatherhood, I think there can be aunthood!), I was blessed with four nephews.

I wouldn't trade them for the world. Growing up in a house of girls (I'm the second of four) in NO way prepared me to be an aunt to four very active, very funny, very unique little boys. But it's been a fun ride and I cannot wait to see who they become as they grow older.

As an aunt, I've felt that it's my duty to provide, if not matching, then at least coordinating shirts at every opportunity.

Here they are on our Disney vacation last summer....

These next shirts were actually provided by another sister...

Notice something (or someone) different in the above picture? Very observant!

My niece, Jocelyn Jane (JJ), joined the family last October. She's adorable...

She will be joined by yet another NIECE in just a couple of weeks. Yes, that's TWO nieces in less than six months!!

When I learned that I would have two nieces so close in age, I'm afraid I went a little crazy with my "matching obsession." My sisters have already received matching onesies proclaiming each of the girls as "Papaw's Favorite."

Then I found THESE in the clearance section of Old Navy after Halloween...

How perfect...I love butterflies and I love my nieces. In these outfits I've combined both of my loves!

On that same shopping trip, I found these coordinating sun hats! How perfect for those summer afternoons by the pool with Aunt MeeMee!

Here are my latest purchases...perfect for next Christmas!

I might need therapy...probably for more than just this though!


  1. Too funny!

    And I love you girls and your disney obsession!

    Adam and Baby Brudder will have lots of matching outfits. Already have one for next Christmas and Baby Brudder isn't even here yet!

  2. Love it! :) I have the same obsession. If you find someone who specializes in this kind of problem, let's go together. Otherwise, let's just medicate ourselves w/your recipe for the "perfect" coke zero, k?

  3. Love it!!!!I coordinate my girls so much that I get asked if they are twins all the time! (Even though there are 26 mos between them :))

  4. I just have one niece...the wonderful, amazing and beautiful Miss I don't get to do any matching outfits yet. I do have to agree with you though, being Aunt Lou is my FAVORITE role EVER! Enjoy all five, soon to be six, of your blessings!



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