Saturday, January 22, 2011

These Kept Catching My Eye...

I have been doing some housekeeping...well, at least on my laptop!

Since I started this blog more than eight months ago (Can you believe it's been eight months?), the photos have gotten out of control. For every photo that shows up on this blog, there's probably another five that didn't make the cut!

Some of the non-blog shots are keepers because they are of my family and friends but many of them are random shots. I don't really need five photos of a bowl of mac 'n cheese or a pile of toothpaste (it was free, you know) or the candy my nephews left in my couch.

So, I have spent a few minutes each evening deleting the extra photos. Not too hard, just takes time.

However, I kept coming back to the two photos below. I took them on July 4th on my parents' back porch.

The subject is my parents' dog - Molly. She's a high energy, loveable farm dog. She spends most of her time roaming the yard, protecting her territory from imagined (and sometimes real) threats.

I just love the expressions on her face.

She's looking across the yard, always vigilant.

She's caught sight of something.

Unfortunately it's probably a baby bird.


  1. I know i have the same problem! We got hundereds and hundreds of pictures of the dairy, but to delete them would be like... not good.... so you keep them and keep them and make some more and then you suddenly see the light

    you go to walmart and buy yourself one of those storage thingies and save all your pictures there, so you don't have to delete them and your computer goes from super slow to....
    at least 3 seconds faster...

  2. Same problem! When we were at Congress I took over 400 pics- I even have trouble deleting the bad ones!

  3. I admire your dedication to a tidy laptop. I just back all my old mac and cheese pics to an external drive.

    Photos of Molly are definitely keepers:)

  4. I know what you mean about so many photos! I am in the process of deleting so many of mine that are duplicates. I was told years ago to always take more photos than you need because only one of them will get picked to show. Ain't that the truth!

  5. Love the dog. Her ears tell the story



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