Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Look Back on Christmas 2010

I know it's 2011 already and I'm just now doing a post on our Christmas celebration, but I was just so busy lazy during my week away from the office. Now with Monday lurking right around the corner, I am finally getting around to sharing some of the fun images I caught during the family Christmas fun.

These photos have been sitting open in Photoshop for five or six days. Every time I sat down to work on them, I got Storage Wars or iCarly or Gilmore Girls.

I am lucky to have two wonderful parents, three fun sisters (along with three great brothers-in-law), four wild and crazy nephews and one ADORABLE (soon to be two) niece. We don't wait for holidays to spend time together but Christmas is always a fun afternoon of opening gifts, gorging on yummy food and playing games (this year it was games). Here's a glimpse into our day...

My dad is a woodworker (well, he's a farmer, but his hobby is woodworking). Over the last couple of years, he's made the grandkids and the rest of us something special each Christmas (more on my gift in a later post). This year he made barns...big barns for the nephews big tractors! He made one for each family - two in all.

See, a small boy can fit into it!

While the three guys above have to share their barn, this one gets his all to himself...he's ecstatic!

There's even a hayloft that can fit two small boys and a tractor!

The barns were a hit but this guy has to wait to take his home because his new house on the farm is still being built so it'll stay in Grandma's living room for a few more weeks.

Gifts were unwrapped...

Necks were hugged (this was before they tried to play with the other's toys, then necks were punched!).

Gifts that Aunt MeeMee thought were going to be a hit (like Master Yoda) were opened and cast off...oh well, the bat mobile was a hit!

Aunt Barbara's garage sale find ($5 for the tool bench and a box of tools!) was a HUGE HIT!

JJ got a Glow Worm...her daddy's favorite childhood toy (rumor has it that his is still around somewhere).

JJ's first Christmas was lots of fun. She just sat and watched her crazy cousins run wild. I know she was thinking..."Wait until next year!"

Can you believe this coat? Yes, the baby is in there...just look between the hat and the coat and you'll see her eyes!

Cousins taking a break from the action...

Mommy and JJ

At the end of the day it was time for a mini-photo shoot of JJ in the barn. A Pillow Pet, John Deere tractor and we are ready...

Now, she can't QUITE sit up on her own. So Papaw was standing by to catch her when she started to fall...

Then Aunt MeeMee had to have her do the cute photo pose that we've been practicing since she was just a couple of weeks old...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's!


  1. Lots of great pics! I may still have my glow worm too. And it's possible that I don't let the kids play with it. And it's even more possible it's in my bedroom, next to my talking Tigger. But I wouldn't admit any of that. ever.

  2. Whew! I'm tired after watching all that fun and crazy Christmas stuff. Those barns will be a huge hit! Isn't it funny what the kids really go for after the three months of shopping and thinking and planning? Glad you all were together. Happy New Year.

  3. Those barns are so awesome. I'm sure Bubby would go crazy with one of those. Glad you had a great mini-vacation and Christmas with the family.

  4. Those bards are AWESOME! Love the baby photos as well.

    Happy New Year!

  5. wow.. what cool barns. Your dad does awesome work.
    Great pictures. I looked like it was a happy christmas for all.
    Happy Monday

  6. Great pictures. The children are so cute. Just found your blog and have been having fun reading your posts. Look forward to reading more.



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