Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Farm Animals and a Bling Ring

Remember when I told you that I went Christmas shopping at a gas station? No...check out the post here.

Well, the exchange was a huge hit with my coworkers! All but one of my coworkers participated - and even the one who didn't buy a gift enjoyed the hilarity that ensued.

Here's the pile of goods...notice that we "wrapped" them very elegantly.

I didn't get a shot of each gift...I didn't even get a shot of the gift I bought! My contribution included a bag of dill pickle flavored sunflower seeds, Lee Greenwood Christmas CD and a small snow globe featuring an Indiana farm scene.

Several of the gifts included lottery tickets and those were stolen multiple times...this one was not stolen - not even once...

I totally stole this gift. My sister really wanted to get my 2-year-old nephew some little farm animals but couldn't find them anywhere. Well, Aunt MeeMee came to the rescue!

Now, I felt a bit bad about stealing them away from a coworker who also has a 2-year-old son...but only for a second!

My nephew is in love with the box of farm animals at Grandma and Papaw's house. He always gets them out right after he pulls out the John Deere tractors and New Holland combine so he can farm like Papaw. So he HAD to have a set at home, right?

I've already been told that this type of gift swap is a must for next year's staff Christmas to think of a way to top the gas station idea...


  1. Sounds like you guys had a blast! We did the "As seen on TV" gift exchange before...that's always a blast! By the way, I totally would have stolen the duct tape/bubble gum gift.

  2. Our family did one a couple of years with the following rules:
    -$20 limit
    -must be previously owned*

    *not necessarily by the giver

    It was quite the hoot. Made yard-saling all summer quite entertaining.
    My sister took the pair of light-up lawn reindeer I gave more seriously than I intended!

  3. There are a few other stores advertised along the roadways you could explore ;-) ACK! ;-)



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