Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why I Love My Life

There is something about a fence and cattle on the other side.

The sight draws you.

It makes you stop and just take it all in.

It attracts others.

I'm loving that as a child I stood at and climbed over this same fence to get closer to the cattle in the summer (my dad's a farmer, not a rancher so when I say "cattle" I mean four or five at a time) or to go sledding in the winter.

I'm loving that my nephews (and soon my nieces) get to experience the same kind of childhood as my sisters and I had on (or near) the farm.

I'm loving that my dad is the kind of grandpa (or Papaw) that his dad (my Grandpa) was...patient, kind, loving, silly, fun and wise.

I'm loving my simple country life (that is still just 30 minutes away from the closest mall) and that I share it with my family.

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  1. What great pictures! I am loving the country life too today. I needed some alone time.

  2. You should have been sitting with us around the fire ring last night. About 50 curious moos came over to see what was on the end of our sticks. Since the wind was in the riht direction, we didn't shoo them off. Wish I had my camera with me, but it was too far away, and I was too comfratble to get up. Great pics and Grandpas are the BEST! (the VERY BEST when they are farmers) ;-)



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