Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dreams of Travels

This summer is super busy for me at work so I have NO vacation plans in the near future.

So, as much as I'd like to go here...

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or here...

or back here...

I don't think I'll be going ANYWHERE for a while.

But I've promised myself some vacation time in September and/or late October, possibly a long weekend in New York City with my sisters.

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I've never been to NYC but have always wanted to go there and see a Broadway musical.

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So, I'm looking for suggestions, travel tips and recommendations.

What show(s) should we see?
Where should we stay?
Where should we eat?

Don't be shy, any help is greatly appreciated!


  1. Sorry no help from me.....

    Never been to NYC but i hope you will have a GREAT time whenever you go!


  2. NYC sounds fun! But I'm clueless as usual! lol!

  3. Go West! I know about west; East...not so much, so you are going on an adventure for many of us as well!

  4. You're never too old to be a kid, so I'd say Disney. We went as a family for the first time this past April and Cris already wants (practically begging) to go back in October.

  5. I say stay midtown.. since there is so much to do within walking distance. My favorite place to eat is Caliente Cab Company ( greenwich village) ~ it's a mexican fiesta!! Plus they serve the best Mojito's in the world!
    As for shows.. I've never seen Wicked but I hear that it is AWESOME. If you go to NYC you must take a carriage ride and eat a central park hotdog!
    Happy trails.

  6. NYC, you'll want more than a long weekend! I saw Phantom of the Opera there. But if you can see Wicked, DO IT!!! And food, don't worry about eating, there are TONS of places to eat! You can literally eat yourself silly! We stayed at the Intercontental Barclay and one or two other plus the Waldorf Astoria. I've been twice, once for a week (3 hotels) and once for a long weekend (one hotel). Stay close to Times Square, it's awesome down there!



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