Sunday, April 1, 2012

Here I Am, Back At It

Three weeks.

It's been almost THREE weeks since I've updated this blog. That seems like an eternity.

I've wanted to blog.

I've had funny moments, great inspirations and even a sweet treat to feature.

Unfortunately, a spring cold (or allergies or an lien being) got a hold of me in mid-March and JUST left. Seriously, this morning was the first in about 17 days that I didn't either sleep 15 hours a day, wake up congested, OR have a 10-minute coughing fit.

You are very welcome for that bit of over-sharing. I promise that's more talk of bodily functions!

I feel like my family, friends and co-workers have wanted to say this to me...

But now that I feel almost 100 percent (still packing the tissues and cough drops in my purse), I've decided that I am going to challenge myself to either post on here every day in April OR at least comment on other blogs daily.

I do have some stuff to catch you up on...even though I felt crummy, I was really busy. There was a trip to Columbus, Ohio with my oldest sister and nephews, spring evenings at the cabin with the family, some fun work events and an exciting giveaway to tell you about tomorrow.

What's the longest time you've gone between posts? Can you beat 19 days?

See y'all tomorrow!

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