Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Many Faces of JJ

I was looking through my photos from Easter and found this set. 

They totally capture the essence of JJ, my niece.

 "What are you looking at?"

"OMG, Aunt MeeMee." 

"Is that candy over there? Give me one!"

Did you notice the portable high chair JJ is sitting in? It's the perfect size when put on the floor - they can back their little bottoms right into it!

I'm not a mom but I think this is the best invention EVER.

Use it at home and don't waste space on a high chair.

Take it to grandma's house.

Use it to corral crazy toddlers ANYWHERE (even the cabin).

NOTE:  The link in this post is an affiliate link. Just lettin' you know!


  1. I have a feeling that eye roll pic will come in handy when she's a teen and you see that face again!

  2. I may need to get one of those for when the great nephew comes over! Love the many faces. They are expressive aren't they? You are a great Aunt Mee Mee!



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