Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Two Little Butterflies

For almost 10 years, my family and I had been blessed with a new generation of boys in our family.

I am one of four girls so when my older sister and her husband produced a trio of boys (not all at once) we were thrilled. My younger sister added a fourth boy to the mix almost four years ago. 

We reveled in the madness...and the wrestling.

It was all tractors, trains and superheroes. 

Then these two came along...

And we finally had a chance to buy baby dolls, dresses and lots and lots of pink!

On Easter, my baby sister got them both a set of butterfly wings.

It was adorable.

This one just wanted to fly outside to get some Easter eggs.

This one pretended to fly and "fell down" to make us laugh.

So, I believe we now have the best of both worlds - the battles to save the world from evil AND the tea parties with dolls and teddy bears.


  1. So cute - they are so lucky to have you as their Aunt!

  2. LOVE wings! Too funny, but in my efforts to "de-hoard: the girls' room yesterday, I gathered up all the old Halloween costumes to give away, but I couldn't part with the wings. Guess someone will have to buy their own to go with the outfit. There's just something about sparkly wings that begs them to stay with the first owners.

    P.S. I don't think I posted ANYTHING about Easter......yet! UGH! Is it too late?

  3. I loved it when my girls were little enough to wear those. They were so, so cute. Whoever invented them was a genius!



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