Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunshine Equals Spring Chores

While fall is my overall favorite season (love cool weather and harvest time), spring is a very close second. I love the transition from winter coats and sweaters (though wish I could wear tights all year round) to jackets and sandals (or at least shoes without socks).

However, I feel like we went from winter directly to late spring/early summer this year. Temperatures in Indiana have been warm, really warm in the month of March and they don't seem to be waning as we enter April.

The warm weather has meant several things around here...spring flowers and trees are blooming, lawn mowers are mowing and farmers are farming!

It's time for farmers to put away their insulated coveralls and heavy Carhartt jackets and luckily for my dad, Carhartt sent him this great short-sleeved work shirt just in time for the warm spring temperatures. 

I have to admit that he has worn this short-sleeved, button-down classic plaid shirt as much OFF the farm as he has ON the farm. He says it is super (maybe my word, not his) comfortable and fits great. Note that it has a pocket, which I have been told by more than one farmer is a MUST...needed to hold pens, glasses, notebooks, checkbooks, etc.

On this particular warm (note the nephew in shorts and sandals above) spring day, dad was catching up on a few spring chores before he gets busy in the fields in a few weeks.

 Climbing into the trusty John Deere.

 I think this look was saying "I'm getting tired of my favorite daughter following me around."
(I may have added the "favorite" to that thought.)

 The backhoe has been busy cleaning up the farmstead this spring.

 Here he was just showing off...spinning the seat around. 

 Dad has several grain bins on the farm, which means loading the semi to sell some corn.
(Or maybe it was soybeans that day...I can't remember.)

 "Hey Papaw, what are you doing? Can I help?"

 "Papaw, are you done yet? Can I ride in the semi? Can we take a Gator ride?"
(Can you tell the nephew asks questions...a lot?)

Finished...time to go check the bins.

 Farmers can't be afraid of heights.

All done. Watch your step!

As you can see, my dad is one busy, busy guy and his new Carhartt shirt was the right gear to wear on a very warm, yet typical spring day at the farm.

Head over to the Real Farmwives of America to check out some of the other great new gear from Carhartt's new spring line AND for a giveaway sponsored by Carthartt!

Disclaimer: Carhartt provided me - my dad - the free product, but the opinions and photos in this post are my own (well, and my dad's), of course.

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  1. Lookin' good! Yes pockets are a definite MUST HAVE thing around this farm too. Your dad looks like he's just about ready to go. Anyone planting down that way yet? We are kind of waiting around for the April 5 (or is it 6th?) insurance date, but then it's GAME ON if the ground isn't too wet from all the forecasted rain. As dry as we are up here, it will soak right in. I would do a post about how NOT to set a ditch fire, but then my dad and mom would probably disinherit me. Let's just say the neighbor and the fire department came out to help, and Smokey the Bear was not a happy camper. Not too much actual field stubble burnt, but it sounds pretty out of hand for a while when it jumped the ditch bank and caught a pile of old hedge on fire. Think VERY LARGE flames straight up 30-40 feet!! I got the story while we were in Florida, hung up from Dad, went out the door to get Steve's attention, and said, "You had better call your Father-in-Law NOW~!" Daddies....what do you do with them? ;-) DANG! That really would be a great post! hee hee

    Hope to see you tomorrow!



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