Thursday, April 19, 2012

Living Up to My Name

I have a scratch on the top of my nose.

It's noticeable and kind of embarrassing.

Why am I embarrassed?

Because I got it while bending down to pick up a large poster board that I had fallen under my desk. When I picked it up, I hit my nose with it.

How dumb it that? It reminded me of this Pinterest find, which I know I have shared on here before.

I have been asked many times if my middle name is Grace.

No, it isn't. It's Marie, thanks for asking.

However, I do relate very much to a book I read as a middle schooler. I wonder why...

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Is there a book or book title that you really relate to or describes you perfectly?

If so, please share.


  1. Mine name is Ann and it means Grace my Mother new I would need help. Hubby says I could break an anvel. I also get a lot scratches and bumps

  2. You would think one might come to mind with all the titles in my head, but nothing is jumping out at me. Must be a combo of allergies and a gray day. I'll pop back if something makes its way to the surface. Meanwhile, be careful out there!

  3. OH! How about The Tempest? I love Shakespeare! (only kind comments may be submitted!)



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