Monday, February 14, 2011

Ahoy There...Happy Heart Day!

I've never marked my calendar with a big red heart around February 14th but I do like giving my loved ones a nice Valentine's Day card. Unfortunately I am NOT the best at getting cards in the mail on time ever.

This year was no exception. I found the cutest Valentines (I thought they were the cutest...really the packaging was better than the cards themselves) months ago, bought them and thought to myself..."This year will be different."

Fast forward to Sunday, February 13th, and lo and behold the cards were still sitting in their pretty package on my kitchen table!
So, I thought I'd share them on here.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my pals in the blogosphere!

I feel the need to explain WHY I decided Pirate Valentine's were the way to go this year.
This summer a coworker of mine introduced me to what I think is a great party game...the pirate joke. Let me demonstrate...

JOKE: Why did the pirate become a lawyer?
ANSWER: He liked to ARRRRRR-gue!

Are you laughing out loud yet? No, check out my post explaining the joke a bit more.

Well, the "funny pirate" jokes on each card are cute, but not as good as the ones my coworkers and I laughed over this summer. Here are a couple...

I was planning to give one of these to my coworker who introduced me to the pirate joke but I forgot (again where my organizational skills need work) that she's out this week so I'll leave one on her desk with one of these as a treat for when she returns!

Who wouldn't want a pirate Valentine's Day card and a CRUNCH chocolate heart?

Happy <3 Day!


  1. OOO! "a-buck-an-ear" That was a good one! Happy Heart Day! ;-) (from one procrastinator to another when it comes to mailing cards and about a million other things if I think about it!)

  2. Love the cards! I've heard a few pirate jokes myself, but none as funny as yours. And if it makes you feel any better, my cards to my nieces in Colorado are still sitting on my dryer.



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