Monday, February 28, 2011

We Will, We Will ROCK You!!

This weekend I saw something that I have to admit both intrigued me and scared me a bit.

I had tuned into ESPN a bit early to be sure I caught the beginning of the Purdue vs Michigan State men's basketball game (Go Boilers!). Sports Center was on and in amidst the reports of Duke getting beat and Carmelo Anthony and his move to the Knicks...

SQUIRREL...OK, every time I hear Carmelo Anthony's name I get a craving for a milk chocolate and caramel candy bar. Anyone else?

Sorry, back to the original topic.

Amongst the talk of basketball, baseball and NASCAR, ESPN featured this segment...

"ESPN examines the world of full contact jousting"

Take a minute or two and watch the video above. It's fascinating!

I guess if there are men and women who ride bulls, wrestle alligators and cage fight, then why not full contact jousting.

After watching the segment on what looks to be an up and coming sport, I started thinking about one of my favorite movies - A Knight's Tale. Remember this movie starring the late Heath Ledger and featuring a terrific soundtrack, including "We Will Rock You" playing during a medieval tournament!

Notice what Ledger said in an interview with ESPN..."He can joust! He can knock people off horses!"

I think this sport has potential.

I can just see me heading to my local fairgrounds this summer for a night of full contact jousting in between the demolition derby and mud volleyball tournament!


  1. Come on over, we'll saddle up and give it a try! NOT! :)

  2. I loved that movie!
    And no i don't think you can come over and saddle up my horse and try some jousting....

    I can loan you my horsie on a stick and we can try it that way...?


  3. I LOVE that movie! And Heath Ledger was amazing in it!



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