Sunday, February 20, 2011

What Kind of Blogger Am I?

On Friday I not only spent the day with a wonderful group of women who make me laugh (and laugh at me), but I also met a woman who's entertained me, inspired me and made me into a bit of a stalker... The Pioneer Woman. More details on that adventure later.

Ree, aka The Pioneer Woman, was in Cincinnati promoting her new book and as part of the book signing event, she answered a few questions from the 400-plus women (a few men and babies too) gathered to meet her.

One stalker fan asked for advice on how to decide what to write about on her blog. Ree simply said (and I'm paraphrasing) write about things you know...things you enjoy.

This struck a chord with me.

You see, I've been struggling of late on how I fit into this vast space I often refer to (as do many others) as the Blogosphere.

I haven't been able to define what type of blogger I am.

I have had better luck defining what type of blogger I am NOT...

I am NOT a Mommy Blogger...I don't have children so I can't talk about the joys and struggles of raising children. I think it would be frowned upon if I went out and got me a baby just so I could bond with the vast numbers of Mommy Bloggers out there. Though I've talked for years that I would be interested in a time-share child. Anyone interested?

All joking aside, I do have 4 kooky nephews and 2 adorable baby nieces so I do have my share of cute kids on my blog.

I am NOT a Crafty Blogger...I've tried. I've really, really tried to be crafty. I started to learn to knit but messed up on my first scarf and never went back to it. I scrapbook but am about 2 years behind.

I even tried drunken pottery painting. I'll let you be the judge on whether I should go back...

Need more evidence? Check out the shirts that Liz over at Two Maids a Milking and I made for our PW adventure...

More on how these turned out in a future blog post...let's just say I won't be starting my own Etsy store anytime soon!

I am NOT a Foodie Blogger...I do love to bake and don't mind cooking but when your signature muffin looks 10 times better on someone else's are NOT a Foodie Blogger.

Cris, I'm not bitter that you are a better baker...really I'm not!

I am NOT a Deal-Seeking Blogger...I love a good bargain. (My mantra: Free or Better than Free.) However, I have no idea how some of my favorite bloggers/Facebook pages/Twitter pages find all of the great deals/coupons/codes they post. I just don't have the time or the discipline. This leads me to...

I am NOT an Organizational Blogger...hence being stuck on Day 2 of the 21 Days of Organizing Challenge that I started weeks ago.

And finally I am NOT an Advocacy Blogger...while I'm passionate about some issues, I just don't feel I have the expertise/knowledge (or probably more realistically the personality) to try and be an outspoken advocate for anything. That being said, I do realize that since I consider myself a farm girl and I associate with many farmwives (who are NOT advocacy bloggers either), I do have a responsibility to answer questions regarding how we raise food to the best of my knowledge when I'm asked (and I have been)...more on this in a future blog post as well.

So, now that I've determined what kind of blogger I am NOT, what's next?

Who am I?

Hello, anyone still there?

Sorry, feeling a bit sorry for myself for a minute.

I think I'll stick with what I've been doing for almost a year...writing about what I enjoy...what I know...writing about my life.

Because, honestly, some of my favorite blogs don't fall into any of the categories above (and some are a mix of all of the above). They are about LIFE and the randomness that makes life funny, sad, frustrating and worth living!

I can only hope that something in my rambling connects with someone else out there. And if it doesn't...oh well, as long as I enjoy writing on here, then it'll be worth it.


  1. Haha, i think we should start or form a group!

    The NOTT bloggers: Notting Officially To Tell

    Loved your post!

  2. I go back and forth on this, too...wondering if I should pick just one topic and stick with it. But I obviously haven't, either!

    2. Leontien I want to join The NOTT Bloggers!
    3. I personally don't think you or anyone needs to be only one type of blogger - personally my favorite blogs are the truly random ones - I don't want to read the about the same thing everytime I go to a blog!
    4. I am a stalker also - officially one of our favorite family past times!

  4. To quote @unmarketing : "If you are your authentic self, you have no competition."

    While we are all looking for our "tribes" out there, I don't think you have to define yourself. I totally heart your blog (and your pumpkin muffins)so please don't go boxin' yourself in lady ;)

    I think even those of us who have started to carve out a niche don't like to be boxed in and there are times where you just have to do what fits you.

    Your blog- your home -your rules.

    You bring the awesome and the audience will come... And here we are ;)

    Oh and BTW-- you took some killer photos from our trip my dear... you should totally show more of your photography.

  5. I <3 your blog as is ALMOST as much as I <3 you. :)

  6. You, my dear, are an eclectic blogger, and I love reading whatever you choose to write about. I lived your life for 39 years, so I know exactly what you about not finding one specific area to call your own. Own it all in little pieces and Blog on!

  7. Crap!@ You would think I could write a coherent sentence "what you mean about..." Still a little giddy from the big PU win over OSU. Sorry Miss Jane! (NOT!) ;-)

  8. Megan I enjoy your blog of your sisters and families Mom and Dad I am older and not sure what I can blog about. I think your blog says what you are a family member in good standing, That say a lot. Share your travels and job they are all interesting. I am getting windy keep on Blogging

  9. Random musings are great things to blog about! By the way, I started a knitting group at my church, Chicks with Sticks - I can help you finish that knitted scarf! :)

  10. But we love the blog just the way it is. Don't try to put yourself in a box, we wouldn't find it as random then!

  11. I am right there with you sister!! You should see the craft project I tried to do with the girls this weekend... They kept telling me it didn't work... lol!

  12. I remember the first time someone said I was a foodie blogger. I was like.... what? But now I've kind of embraced it but at the same time want to keep it random sometimes. I like your blog just the way it is.



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