Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Necessities of My Life

Over the weekend, I caught up on some blog reading and tried to find some inspiration for future posts on this blog. There is so much wonderful content out here and I could (and sometimes do) spend hours reading what everyone has been doing.

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong over at how i met your father (still one of my fav blog names) tagged all of her readers (and I'm one) in her recent post about the 5(ish) Things You Can't Leave Home Without.

This got me thinking of what are my "necessities"...

Here's what I came up with:

1. Hair clips and Bobby pins. I'm trying to grow my hair out and when it's not cooperating it's great to have the option to throw my hair up in a twist.

For full disclosure, I may have worn my hair up 6 out of the last 7's just too much to have to mess with it at 5:30 am some mornings!

2. Sunglasses. I use these not only as protection from the sun but also as a hair accessory on those days that I wear my hair down!

I usually have one pair in the car and one pair in my purse at all times. The ones above are new...Ann Taylor Loft outlet was having an awesome sale this week so I picked up a spare pair.

3. My Starbucks Gold Card. I've tried to cut down on my daily stops at Starbucks but it never sticks. And if I'm going daily I may as well earn free drinks and coupons for free treats.

4. My Blackberry. I am way too attached to my smartphone but I'm trying to leave it in the purse during meetings and family gatherings...actually left it in the car during my niece's Baptism party today. We'll see if it continues.

5. Envelope of coupons, lip balm, Excederin and flash drive(s).

I'm addicted to the deals at Walgreens and CVS so the envelope is the best way I have come up with to keep my shopping list organized. It's not fancy but it works for me!

As for the other items...I usually have 2-3 flash drives in my purse at any given time. The same can be said for lip balm. The last time I cleaned out my purse, I found 4 tubes! And the Excederin...unfortunately this is a must-have because I suffer from headaches way too often.

Well, that was fun!

What are your "can't leave home without" items?

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  1. lol...I currently have 5 lipsticks/lip glosses in my purse, Aleve & too many Star Wars toys to count. It's no wonder I sometimes discover when I get to the store that my actual wallet is not even IN there!!

  2. Definitely lip gloss. I am addicted!

  3. Yah! i'm with ya on the phone (sorry, Blackberry) and sunglasses! And these days with the snow being so bright you defiantly need them!


  4. I can't live without starbucks, phone, wine, and my comfy pants. Not necessarily in that order.



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