Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Full Head of Hair and a Precious Face

Exactly four months ago (yes, on 10-10-10) my first gorgeous niece was born. I already had four - yes FOUR - nephews so I was ready to spoil a wee lass after years of tractors, trucks and super heroes.

Today (on 2-10-11) my second precious niece was born (to a different sister, of course).

Here she is...

Isn't she gorgeous? And that head of hair...out of this world. Her mama had a full head of jet black hair when she was born, so I can't wait to compare this little girl to her mama's baby photos.

I couldn't help taking a BUNCH of photos. Eventually the flash made her open her eyes! Even more gorgeous!

Being the big sister that I am, I couldn't resist snapping this photo of Lil' Sister's feet. Isn't her pedicure lovely?

Can't wait to start spoiling this little girl rotten? She's going to look SOOOO cute in that butterfly outfit!


  1. Can I be your niece??? Congrats on the addition to the family!

  2. She is absolutely beautiful. Love the hair

  3. Congrats! Looks like you will need to gather lots of bows, flower clips, and ribbons for all that hair!



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