Saturday, May 21, 2011

Amazing What You Can Find

Baby Sister came over to help me clean my house today.

It's amazing what you find when you start cleaning...

Remember our family vacation to Disney last summer?

I found the Photopass case in one place and the Photopass CD in another, of course!

I have no idea where I got this cow cookie cutter (probably from a trade show along with handfuls of pens and notepads) but I know who I'm giving it's hoping I see Jent on Monday!

Guess my godparents DIDN'T get their Christmas card with the note that I made a donation to their alma mater (the same college my mom went to) instead of buying them a gift. Oops.

And then there's the work camera that was in the bottom of a suitcase I took on a business trip earlier this spring...the same camera that I SWORE I gave to a co-worker and never got back! Double Oops!

All of this was discovered downstairs...who knows what I'll find when I tackle the piles of clothes and stuff upstairs!


  1. Oh, how I can identify! And, oh, how I wish I had a Baby Sister to help me tackle my piles!

  2. The cookie cutter is cute and you must be really happy to have found that camera!

    Thanks for sharing

  3. YEAH ME! I hope I get to come but if we are in the field and I have to work, we'll have to see! But still save me the cow - I LOVE IT!

  4. Cleaning is GREAT!!!

  5. We must have gotten the cookie cutter together somewhere bc i have a matching one! Send sis this way next!

  6. lol I hate when that happens. We all do it!

  7. I'm with Donya! Can I borrow your baby sisiter? I jus have a little brother, and he's not very good at this sort of thing!

    Glad it was worth the effort to dig through all the "stuff." Hope to see you tomorrow if we dont' blow away tonight! Storms are coming in from the lovely state of Illinois! ACK!



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