Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to Waste an Hour or Three

A couple months ago, I bought an iPad.

It's great.

It's so light and easy to take on the plane.

It's makes it easy to check my e-mail...all three accounts.

I can read books on it. I can blog from it. I can Tweet from it. I can edit documents on it.

But guess what I normally do on it...

Yes, play games.

I would like to say that I sit down and just play a 3-minute game of...

But once I give it a shake, I can't seem to stop...20 games later and I may be able to put it down.

I also love me some Mahjongg.

But there is one game that totally sucks me in each and every time I start it up. I hate to follow the crowd, be one of the herd, one of many. But I just can't help it. I'm in love.

I have to admit that I quickly made my way through the free editions and broke down bought both the Seasons AND Rio versions of the game...darn those iTunes gift cards burning a hole in my pocket!

Wanna know something fun about the Rio has monkeys, just like the ones in the movie! So fun!

That reminds me...I have to go...Angry Birds my dirty dishes are calling me.


  1. Wouldn't you be one of the "flock"? I haven't started playing - I am easily additcted to stuff like that - Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook had me in its clutches for way too long!
    LOVE the Kindle on Casey's IPad, it is awesome!

  2. Jent, you totally would LOVE BB on the iPad...WAY better than on fb!!

    So are the pd versions that much better? Or is G ok on just the free versions? :)

    Might have to check me out the Boggle game.

  3. Hubby got me one for Christmas and I'm slowly using it more and more. My biggest challenge is getting use to the touch screen as compared ot a mouse and keyboard. What are your favorite apps other than games? ;)

  4. Angry Birds have me too... even though I usually don't like games. LOVE my iPad... I could be so effective if I used it to organize myself rather than playing with those darn birds!

  5. I'm with Jent! If there was an "AA" group for Bejeweled, I would have signed myself up. Looks fun though.

  6. I miss the days of playing solitare. I used to be so good at it and now I bet I'm really rusty.

  7. My kids ran my phone dead playing angry birds today. Damn angry birds.



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