Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Poppies and a Puppy

On a rare dry and slightly sunny day, I looked out my parents' back door and saw these...

Poppies are my favorite flower and I love how Mom planted these on the spot of our old playhouse.

I turned away from the poppies and realized someone wanted some of my attention too.


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  1. Ok, Please pass along the 411 on poppies because I want to grow them. Are they from seed or should I find a plant(s)? Do they come up every year? They would give this place a wonderful splash of color!

  2. These are so pretty! My little guy tried to plant poppies in starter cups this year, but no luck so far... maybe it's still too cold...

  3. Thanks for linking up on WW! I also want the 411 on poppies. I think they would be LOVELY on the prairie. Beautiful.

  4. Those poppies are gorgeous! A house I pass on the way to work has them in their yard and I'm so jealous! I need some to spruce up my patio! And the puppy isn't too shabby either :)

  5. ohhh yes yes i would like some too!

    thanks for sharing

  6. Thanks for playing along-
    great pictures. I love the flowers and pooch:)

  7. Poppies are something we never really grew back home, but they are really pretty. I, along with the other ladies need some info on how you got them started.

  8. Not that I'm an expert...but just scatter the poppy seeds around and they will reseed themselves I'm pretty sure! :)



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