Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Checking a Box off the Bucket List

Last October I created my Bucket well as a short term "to do" list.

Last weekend, one of my gal pals helped me mark one item off this List...

• Bake The Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls. (This should be a to do but I’m pretty sure it’ll be a once in a lifetime event for me.)

We went one (really two) better than the PW's cinnamon rolls. We divided the dough in thirds and also made her Chocolate Chip Rolls and Parker House Rolls! Woo Hoo!

For full disclosure, I have to admit that my friend did most of the heavy lifting. I took a few photos, spread a bit of butter and nursed a Mike's Hard Lemonade during most of the process.

But I did help clean up the ooey gooey butter/cinnamon mixture that was left on the counter...

Even though I did less than my fair share, I'm going to mark it off the List. I also got to take home a pan of the cinnamon rolls, which are waiting in the freezer for a lazy Saturday morning.

Now, the mini pans of frozen unbaked Parker House Rolls didn't make it into my freezer. After the four hour drive home from our girls weekend, the rolls were pretty much thawed so I turned on the oven and baked BOTH pans up. In my defense, there were only 7 rolls total in the mini bread pans.

When I reached in the fridge for the grape jelly, I came up empty-handed.

The horror...warm Parker House rolls with only butter...what was I to do.

Then I remembered a recent purchase at Jungle Jim's thanks to a certain Dutch dairy woman...

Only one word for this combination...YUM!

I wonder which item my friend I will check off next.


  1. Those chocolate sprinkles are awesome... and what is even better... I can't read Dutch so the calories must not count, right?

  2. oh yum. That looks like a great "to do" to scratch off of the list. you might have to start a "To do AGAIN" bucket list.
    have a great thrusday

  3. Yeah! They were yum, huh? I dreamed abt the choc chip ones last night. They were calling my name! lol!

  4. I think we need to raid someones's freezer! NOW! ;-)



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