Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Perfect Summer Sandal

My wardrobe consists of black, gray, white and more black.

So one way I try to incorporate color in one of two ways...through cardigans and through shoes.

Towards the end of last summer, I found the cutest pair of Simply Vera sandals at Kohls.

Aren't they cute? I wore them all the time...can you tell?

I wish I bought two pairs of these...maybe three. But I didn't so obviously I'm in need of a new pair for this summer.

I really want another pair of cute flat sandals in a fun color. However, I'm also in need of a higher heeled black sandal to wear with my longer pants.

So I found these...
Old Navy

And these...

I found the ones above in blue...I love them.


I love, love, love these. I think they are going in my shopping cart very soon.

Now, I don't really need brown sandals, but I found some that I may just have to go try on at Kohl's.



I'm not sure if I love or hate these but I'm definitely going to try them on.

I usually find great shoes at Shoebuy.com but I did some searching for sandals in different colors and this is the only ones I even like a little bit and I can't decide if they are cute OR too old-lady...thoughts?
Here are a couple other pairs that I'm really wanting too...

Where do you find shoes? Do you shop online?

Do you like one of the sandals above? Need your thoughts!!


  1. Von Maur. Clearance room!


    My favorites!

  2. The brown laced-up ones would give your feet a funky tan if you wore them out in the sun for very long! ;-) I like the black wedge. It looks comfortable. Strappy sandals make my feet and toes hurt and cringe at the thought of all the rubbing. I'm a simple gal when it comes to shoes.

  3. I have the turquoise shoes from kohl's. SUPER comfy! I love the bright color. I have the same problem...all my shoes are dark, dull, and boring {in color only, of course!}. :)



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