Thursday, May 12, 2011

Farm-raised: Doesn't All Food Start on a Farm?

I'm a bit confused. I keep hearing a certain phrase on television and radio commercials and reading it in magazine ads and articles.

Here it is...

" ____________ (product) includes FARM-RAISED __________ (veggie/fruit/meat)."

Isn't all broccoli grown on a farm or at least in a garden? The photo above is from my sister's garden taken a couple of days ago (before Blogger went on the fritz). She has a row or two of broccoli - not enough to feed too many people but enough to enjoy for a few weeks this summer.

I think all bacon comes from a pig that is raised on a matter if it's a small, medium or large farm, right?

What exactly makes one soda (or cola or Coke or pop, depending on where you are from) more "natural" than another?

As a girl who grew up on a farm and still works with farmers, I get frustrated by the marketing tactics of some companies that imply that there is something other than farm-raised broccoli (or fill in the blank food) lurking in our grocery stores - in the produce section, canned food aisle or frozen foods cooler.

Sorry for the rant...I just get mad when others try and tell me that I need to be scared about the food on the grocery shelves...especially when I know many of those people have an agenda, even if it's just to get you to buy their frozen microwave meal instead of their competitor's microwave meal.

I'm all for choice...

If you want to buy all your produce from a farmers market, go for it.

If you want to only eat bacon, go for it (and call me).

If you want to buy organic, go for it.

If you want to eat chocolate for every meal, go for it (and call me).

If you want to only buy and eat "raw" foods, go for it.

If you want to be a vegan, vegetarian or whatever, go for it.

Just don't make me feel guilty for going to Aldi's or Kroger's for my broccoli (frozen and fresh) grapes, potatoes, lettuce, bacon, milk and eggs - all of which I KNOW are farm-raised!

I just have one last question for those companies...

If it's not farm-raised broccoli, where does it come from?


  1. Ditto Liz's comment. People have to wise up to the marketing tactics! They ARE smarter than the average bear if they will just think about it first! Great post!

  2. P.S. The only food I might go for "farm-raised" over their natural habitat is fish. I've eaten too many pounds to count of fish I caught in rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes, BUT farm raised might be a bit more desirable, especially consdiering what catfish like to eat! I could be wrong though! ;-)

  3. I have been wondering the same thing. Actually, I am pretty sure I tweeted a similar question. Great post.

  4. that's exactly what I think whenever I hear "farm raised"! Remind me to tell you about my inlaws that thought bees didn't make honey anymore!

  5. Call me if you find the chocolate eater...I'm coming, too! I've wondered abt that phrase, too. Think it means vs greenhouse raised on the veggies? It's all the same to me. :) BTW: Tried choc bbq sauce this weekend (yum!) so I'm getting closer to having the every meal thing figured out. :)

  6. Ya know you could eat chocolate and bacon together... just sayin'

    On another note, I was thinking the same thing the other day when I saw yet another "deadly foods" post... I do wish the boogie man has better things to do than hide out at the grocery store.



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